About Us

Earth House Project of Minnesota is a tax-exempt, non-profit, volunteer community attempt to build a resource center in the Twin Cities area for people of all nature-reverent spiritual paths.

Our first seventeen gatherings were complete successes, and were the primary source of approximately $30,000 in funding toward the creation of a Pagan Resource Center. We will continue our efforts to achieve this goal with our eighteenth annual gathering during Midsummer 2018, as well as with other events throughout the year.

The gathering will be held at Eagle Cave Resort (Campground), near Blue River, Wisconsin. There, all our groups can come together within a short distance of the Twin Cities to celebrate the Midsummer, have fun, attend workshops, and participate in rituals. This allows the Pagan Community to take part in a cooperative venture while celebrating our similarities and our diversity within the community at large.

Our goal of building a Pan-Pagan Community Center will allow all of us to have permanent sacred space for ritual, be a beacon for newcomers in the community to find others to worship with, and will provide meeting rooms, office space, and other needed services to be decided upon by the community as a whole. In addition, money received from rental of halls and meeting rooms will go directly back into the Pagan community.

Your tax-deductible contributions are gratefully accepted. Please contact info@EarthHouseMN.org for additional information

Only with your help can we bring this dream to life!