Coffee Cauldron

Cofee Cauldron

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month 6:30-ish to 8:30 p.m.

This is on the Northwest side of the intersection of Larpenteur and Lexington Avenues. It's on the #61 bus route, is in a shopping center with plenty of free parking. The management seems receptive to our group. Looking for a place to hang out a couple times a month? Someplace with no agendas, no structure, no expectations? Just a bunch of fun folks who are pretty normal in most ways and just happen to be Pagan? Folks with whom you can chat, debate, teach, learn, rub elbows, and network?

Coffee Cauldron might be a place to check out. Pagans are very diverse folks, but we're more alike than we may first think. By meeting in a social setting, we can explore those commonalities and build the bonds of community.

Children are welcome too. A lot of folks there will be Pagan, so don't be shy. Just look for tables with pagan books lying on them or ask the coffee shop staff for the Coffee Cauldron Crew, and/or look for folks wearing Earth House T-Shirts (Guardians of the Earth, Father of the Greenwood, Mother of the Land, Spirit Within .... all the good stuff).

We know that life is a circle and as such, things change. So it is with Coffee Cauldron. In August of 2004, the Earth House Project assumed the roll of host for this ongoing event. We would like to thank Paul and Teisha for their years of hosting Coffee Cauldron. It is because of fine people like these that our community continues to grow and come together.

Please feel free to link to the Earth House Project site and if you like, this page directly. To contact someone for more information on Coffee Cauldron contact:

Hope to see you there!

Thank you.

Earth House Project of Minnesota.