Brewing Contest and Talent Contest

Celestial Fire by Beckah

Brewing Contest Rules:

We can’t quite remember how it started.
No, wait! We remember now! It’s because more than a few of our founding folks were dabblers in the brewing arts and wanted to compare notes. Anyway, we’ve had a brewing contest at our gather since, like, forever, and we’re not about to stop now. But how to judge these brews has been a growing issue, much like the yeast which creates them.

We tried the "juried" approach, all on one night, but then the judges had all the fun and we "regular folks" ended up with the dregs. We tried the democratic appoach of every interested adult gets a vote. But that also became unwieldy. (YOU try counting the hands of 20+ pagans on 20+ brews with only three tiki torches and a campfire for light!) We also decided that because of our varied palates, it just wasn’t fair to pit the dry against the sweet against the ales. And we decided that some folks just have too much brewing time on their hands, and the process was just taking too long and we were getting <ahem!> over-saturated. So, reluctantly, we came up with a set of rules:

The Rules for the Earth House Midsummer Gather Brewing Contest are below.

There shall be 5 categories of entries:

  Wine-like Beverages Beer-like Beverages
Monday Ciders, Cysers Ginger Beers and Similar
Tuesday Sweet Wines & Meads Ales and Wheat Beers
Wednesday Dry Wines & Meads Pale Ales and IPAs
Thursday Cordials/Liqueurs Stouts and Porters
Friday Challenges, Late Entries and Surprise Me! (This would be where the Green Olive Mead, Curry Cooking Mead or the Bill The Cat Pail Ale could be entered.)

All entries shall be from a registered participant who was intrinsic in the brewing process. If you helped brew or bottle it, you can enter it. No brokering your cousin’s neighbor’s cyser, no matter how good it is! (If they want to enter it, they need to attend.)

There shall be a maximum of two (2) entries per bottling-source per category. Therefore the maximum number of entries from one bottling source is ten. (Multiple "labels" from one household do NOT count as different sources! — so Lily Bee Farms and June Berry Breweries and Singing Bird Imbibables all count as the same source.)

Judging will be by several learned volunteer(ed) judges, (well, at least "volunteer") and the rest of the bottles will be available for community consumption. Hmmm… perhaps it would be good to have an extra bottle or two to share with that "rest of the community."

If and only if there is general concensus, we will name a "Best In Camp" award. Yes, there’s a prize.

Results of the judging will remain confidential until the Barbarian Feast on Saturday evening.

So, if you dabble in the brewing arts (that is, are considered a "home brewer,"), bring a sample to share!

And Once Again The Original Talentless Contest!
(Yes, really! Ok, perhaps the "original" might have been Chuck Berry’s "Gong Show," but even THAT pales in comparison!)

Move over, "American Idol!"
Step aside, "Dancing With The Stars!"
Sit down, "X-Factor!"

We’ve got the contest to end all contests, every year at our gather!

The rules for our Annual Talentless Contest (Directly from the Judge) are …

1) If you are good, you get booted. Quickly.

If you are bad or make me laugh hysterically, your whole performance gets seen and you have a fair chance at winning.

The judge is bribable; 100% open to graft. If you want to win, a bribe is your best bet [although non-lethal threats have been known to cause the judge to ponder a bit longer]. Please contact the judge directly with bribes. No third parties are authorized to take bribes on my behalf or make any kind of deals. Void where prohibited. California residents add applicable sales tax. MI and IA are required to deposit 5-cents.

Thank you for your interest in our contest rules. 

We hope this answers your questions.