Forum usage is restricted to Earthouse members who are logged into the site.

In order to access to the forums:

  1. Create an account on this webiste
    1. click Register on the right sidebar.
    2. Enter a Username and Password
    3. Check your Email for an email from
    4. Follow the link in the Email to set your Password

  2. Email the webmaster using the contact page with your real name so that we can verify that you are a paid member of Earthhouse (one account per person please).
    1. On the Contact page Send me your name
    2. Tell me any special groups you need access to (like the Gather Committee or the By-Law Committee)

In order to use to the forums:

Forums are areas where you can post on a specific category of conversation. For example, Earthhouse Mates is a general Forum for Earthhouse members to have conversations. The By-Laws Forum is a private forum for the By-Laws committee to discuss their current work.

Topics are specific threads of conversation inside of a Forum.

  1. From the Forum dropdown menu, chose a forum you wish to read or post in.
  2. Either select a Topic to read or Select or Add a Topic to post to.
  3. Enter your message and click Post or Add Reply
  4. Easy Peasy – you are done! 🙂

Please keep all conversation civil and fit for the general public. Offenders will lose their posting privilleges