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Guardians of the EarthCome Play Like Pagans
at the 14th Midsummer Gather: Celebrating Generations

June 15-22, 2014
Eagle Cave Campground
Blue River, Wisconsin

It's not too early!
Really, it's NOT too early to start planning for the next Midsummer Gather!
Even though we're still dealing with this winter's challenges, if you start planning NOW, you'll have visions of warm-weather fun and cameraderie dancing in your head while you shovel those steps and chip that ice from your vehicle! And remember, if we receive your registration before May 1, you'll also get a FREE T-Shirt!!

Pssst! Did you hear about our Discount Program?
For every additional new adult you bring to the gather ("new" = has not attended in the past three years), you get a $10 discount from your own registration fee! And if you bring in 10 new folks, your $130 registration is FREE!

Time Until The 2014 Gather:
The Time to Plan is NOW!!





When we looked back at the wide range of folks who attended the 2013 gather, we found babes-in-arms and weathered veterans; teens, 'tweens and tots; kids, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents; GI's, Baby Boomers, Flower Children, GenX, Milleniums, and GenZ.

Suddenly we realized it was time to celebrate our diversity and our resources. Join us to share and to honor, to celebrate and to remember, to learn and to teach.

Check out our rates, check out our amenities, check out the fun we've had and are planning for more. Check out the vacation schedule at work, and start planning NOW.

Stop by last year's schedule to find out what GREAT things we did in 2013!

Additionally, there will be music, a brew judging contest, instructive workshops, an assortment of rituals, morning coffee at Rick's Café, cool stuff from friendly merchants, LOTS of fun & frivolity, drumming, dancing, storytelling of tales both true and tall, and a general good time. And all this while supporting the Twin Cities Pagan Community.

What would YOU like to experience at our gather? We would LOVE to hear programming suggestions from you. Would you like to present a workshop? Would you like to present a ritual? Do you have some amusing/awesome talent that you'd love to have folks encourage? Do you have tales to share around the campfire? The tales and talent are serendipitous, but if you'd like to be a presenter or ritualist, please contact

We're definitely among the best values for week-long camping gatherings - for only $130 (adult full-week; less for youths 11-15, free for under age 11), you'll have a full week in a lovely, shaded, professional campground, with all the amenities (see below).

And did you notice that Discount Program? Bring some folks along and get a discount on your full-week registration!
* Terms of Discount: We offer a discount from YOUR registration for each new adult you bring for a full week's attendance. If you get 10 new adults to register, your registration will be considered paid in full. The requirements of this discount are:
• The new person(s) must pay an adult's full-week rate and the payment must be received before you will be credited the discount.
• Only one person may claim the same individual.
• They must be a person who has not attended the Earth House Gather in the last three (3) years.
• They must know you are using their name (we will ask) and understand that ONLY YOU get the discount.

Remember, we cannot accept registrations at the gate, and we can only fit 150 folks into the campground! So grab those registration forms and get your registration in NOW!

Still not sure?
Compare us to other festivals!

Word -- PDF

2014 Registration Forms!

1 - Select and download the right version of the form for you.

**Save the BLANK form on your computer.** This is important! Do NOT use the browser-based viewers. If you need to, use the right-click/"save link as" method.

If you use:

Adobe Reader, use this form: Deluxe PDF
(Preferred version)

Best if used with Adobe Reader X or XI

If you need it, you can
get Adobe Reader here.

FoxIt or other non-Adobe PDF reader, use this...

Fill-and-save, calculate-it-yourself.

No-Calc PDF

FoxIt or other non-Adobe PDF reader, or a very early version, use this:

Basic PDF

Just print it out and use a pen to fill it in.

Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, use this:
DOCX format
Microsoft Word 97-2003, use this link:
DOC format

Libre Office or Open Office, use this link:
ODT format

Do none of these work for you?
Please contact our webcrafter:

2 - Fill out the form. Either:

Print out the form and fill it out by hand --- OR ---
Fill out the form with your computer (any format), save the resulting document on your computer, then email that document to

3 - Arrange for Payment. Either:

Go to our PayPal page and pay online (Coming Soon: Amazon Payments!) --- OR --- Write out a check or money order.

4 - If necessary, mail any hard-copy (registration form, check, or both) to:

Earth House Gather
PO Box 8063
St. Paul, MN 55108

The Earth House Midsummer Gathering
is where you can have fun with others who share Earth-reverent beliefs.
This will be a week of celebration and of sharing,
of learning
and of honoring one another's unique rituals and talents.
Meet new people, learn new ways, and
play like pagans!


*Beautiful, Shaded, Magical Campgrounds
* FULL Electrical (RV & Utility) hookups at each campsite - FREE!
* Locally-harvested firewood provided - FREE!

* Potable water hookups at each campsite - FREE!
* Hot Showers and flush toilets available 24/7 - FREE!
* Daily Ice Delivery at, and Garbage Pickup from your campsite!
* Shuffleboard & Volleyball
* Miniature Golf and Guided Cave Tours are also available.

Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.
Payments may be made through PayPal via our email address (on the registration form), or by check/money order.


Astrological Magick
Estelle Daniels
Astrologer and Noted Author
Even though she has studied psychic and occult subjects since childhood, Estelle Daniels has only been around the Pagan Community since 1989. Author of “Astrologickal Magick” and co-author of “Pocket Guide to Wicca” and “Essential Wicca.” Estelle travels throughout the Midwest going to festivals, giving talks and generally hanging out with fellow Pagans. She lives in Minneapolis, and is always glad to give talks to groups, covens, classes and generally whoever listens. Estelle has her own website, with a number of great articles.


Christopher Kirkpatrick
Environmentalist and Educator
Executive Director of The Prairie Enthusiasts, a nature conservation group based in the upper midwest, Chris is enthusiastic about being out in nature with a bunch of fun-loving, ecology-supporting folks. He is also a connoisseur of brews and imbibables, and has kindly consented to lead the judging of our Brewing Contest, and will be leading most of us in some sing-along silliness.



~~ENTERTAINMENT (Tentative)~~

Annie A2Z
It’s outrageous! It’s hilarious! It’s Annie! (There is no way to describe her!)
Well, yes, there is: for many years, Annie Zimbel's been keeping us in stitches informally in between the Tarot Readings.
Well, now she's gone "pro" with her own comedy act. And she's AWESOME!
  We the Heathens
We are currently in negotiations with this rising group, and hope to offer an evening of their non-traditional music, described as Folk Punk from the Northwoods.
Their Facebook Page:
(About the picture at right - "Catgut" is in the band -- and she grew up among us!)

Chris Kirkpatrick
Folk music shares its history in the development of original songs by musicians throughout the years. Chris has been writing and singing songs for close to 20 years since learning beginning to learn to play on his mother’s guitar which was gifted to him in his adolescence. Traditional bluegrass and old-time songs have been a strong inspiration to his song writing and will be highlighted during the concert. His strong connection to the Earth and calling as a steward of the land have also been strong influences to his song writing and will be reflected in several of his original songs. His presentation will also include covers from many current artists and a selection of traditional old-time folk and bluegrass artists.

Chris knows all the right chords to strike for both the young listener, the <ahem!> more mature audience, and all the folks between.

Ben McDowell
Not content to let his little sister hog all the limelight, Ben has quite the repertoire of his own.
(Talent seems to run rampant in the McDowell family.)
When he's not serenading his sweetie on his guitar, Ben uses old-school tech
to make funky fresh beats, and he will lay them down for us!



Naturally, a Midsummer observance
Would you like to present a ritual?
Do you have a need for a private ritual?
We can accommodate!


We have the Pagan University Workshops:
Discussion and participation on some in-depth materials.

We have all sorts of other workshops:
How to get over it. How to keep the bad stuff out. Having fun. Finding your way.

We will have kids' stuff.

We have even more than that!
Seriously! What more could you want?

Details for the above are forming up on the Schedule Page







Pagan-Folks selling Cool Stuff.

Got some Cool Stuff to sell? Bring it along!
There's no additional fee for merchanting.


Silent Auction:
Historically, most of our merchants and many of our participants have donated items for our Silent Auction. Really, this has been a significant addition to our Community Center Building Fund.

These folks were there in 2013 - and, hopefully, in 2014:
(alphabetically listed)

Bridget’s Field Farm: An eclectic mix of merchandise, from beadwork to crystals to sarongs to totems. Stop by and browse! (We've got a really good stock of sarongs, this year!)

Cat and Mo, Stuff to Go: Wooden art work by Mo and by Cat, some ritual clothing.

Craft Corner: Retail hand-made jewelry, candles, books, some select articles of clothing, etc.

Jester Studios: Peggy will bring her artwork with her unique view of the world for you to collect. New mini collages of magic, domestic divas, Dr. Who, and roller prints of all of the EHMG designs past and present...also, some groovy clothing from Silver Threads 

Mainstreet Homestead: Selling home made goodies, practical stuff, & artsy stuff. Some goodies: dilly beans, pickles, jams, jellies. Also laundry detergent, herbal healing salve. For artsy folks, Jeannine will be selling her hand made, hand painted bird feeders from gourds, and more (her Tree Spirits are AWESOME!).

My Favorite Boutique: Serving the pagan community since 1992. Books, jewelry, ritual items and more. Come see Auntie Estelle’s newest goodies.

Tarot by Annie: She's fun, she's talented, and she knows her Tarot cards. REALLY!

Wolfie's Den: Hand Crafted Crafty Stuff and General Merchandise

Fun & Frivolity
The Annual Pot Luck Midsummer Feast and
Pot Luck Barbarian Feast
and the Second Annual Welcoming Taco Dinner.
Bonfires, Drumming and Staving, Chanting and
Singing and Dancing!
We have some family-friendly activities planned!
And you never know if, where or when Bill the Cat will make an appearance.

Photos from Previous Years

Keep an eye right here for updates on what's happening in 2014!
We're always looking for new ideas - if you've got something to share, we're listening!

It's time to have a little fun!
Share a week with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.
Learn, Party, Feast and Worship!

Hope to see you all there!

The Earth House Project, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit, volunteer community effort to build a resource center in the Twin Cities area for people of all nature-reverent spiritual paths.

Only with your help can we bring this dream to life

Last Updated on
February 6, 2014
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