We are happy for all of you who are anxious for Earth House Gather 2018!!!

We are working on a revised Electronic Registration form for 2018. But, for those of you who cannot wait, you can go ahead and submit the Paper Registration Form today.

Celestial Fire by Beckah


Earth House Midsummer Gather, June 18-25, 2017 “Celestial Fire”

(one submission per household, please)  

Earth House MN
Please Note:
  • Campers and RVs are welcome. Note: bring leveling supplies.
  • No pets allowed except for certified srevice animals. Please let us know when you register
  • No illegal or controlled-substance use is allowed
  • Earth House reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person without explanation or justification
  • No Refunds
  • When you register, you agree to abide by .

The Legal Stuff

Earth House Midsummer Gather,
June 18-25, 2017

The “Nutshell”

This is the quick-read version.

The full document is HERE. Please download & read!

>>Your signature when you arrive confirms the terms of the full document.<<

By registering for the Earth House Midsummer Gather, each adult agrees:

Legally Binding Agreements:

  • I certify that I am an adult of at least eighteen (18) years of age, and under no legal disability that bars me from signing contracts.
  • I will abide by the rules of this event and of Eagle Cave, and by the laws of Wisconsin, and of the U.S.
  • I am responsible for myself, for any minors in my care, my/their belongings, and my/their behavior.
  • I will not hold the event organizers or Eagle Cave management responsible for injury or damage to me, minors in my care, my belongings or my behavior.
  • Medical: In the event of a medical emergency where I am unable to respond, I grant permission to seek professional care for me and/or minors in my care. I will provide a means to confidentially convey appropriate medical data to those professionals. (See separate medical release.)
  • Photographs: Unless specified otherwise, I accept that my photograph, and conditionally for those minors in my care, may be used in any reasonable manner, including for web publication and/or for acceptable marketing. (See separate photo release.)

Further “Ground Rules”

  • Merchants are responsible for any applicable taxes.
  • No pets allowed except for certified service animals. Advise us when you register.
  • No illegal or controlled-substance use allowed.
  • Earth House reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person without explanation or justification.
  • No Refunds.

Registration DOES Include: Registration DOES NOT Include:
  • Clean Water (but hard)
  • Firewood
  • Daily trash pickup
  • Electricity (including RV)
  • Ice (sales on-site)
  • Meals (up to you)
If you prefer to submit your form by mail, please CLICK HERE to visit our paper based registration form.
Phone 1:*
Phone 2:
Check all that apply, and give us the details in the Additional Information box below:


Adult 7 Night(Sun-Sat):
Adult 3 Night (consecutive):
Adult 1 Night (9am-9am):
Adult Day Pass (9am-11pm):

Children under 11 are FREE!
(but must be listed below)!

Youths & Children must be accompanied
by parent/guardian throughout their stay.

Youth (11-15)

Youth 7 Night(Sun-Sat):
Youth 3 Night (consecutive):
Youth 1 Night (9am-9am):
Youth Day Pass (9am-11pm):
If staying less that a full week, please list dates here:
Guest # First Name Last Name Nickname Age T-Shirt (if applicable) Allow Pictures taken
  • Names are required for all attendees.  Ages only need to be provided for minors.
  • 1 Free T-Shirt for each paid adult attending 3+ days1 Free T-Shirt for each paid youth full-week attendeeRegistration must be received by 5/6/2017 to qualify for free T-Shirt.Additional T-Shirts may be ordered below available until 5/20/2017
Earth House Memberships ($20 each)
I would like to Donate to Earth House:
Additional Information (please include any information you wish to bring to our attention):

CASH-Back Offer

  • Terms of Cash-Back Offer: We offer a $10 rebate in cash at the gather for each new adult you bring for a full week's attendance. If you get 10 new adults to attend, your registration will be refunded in full.

  • The requirements of this offer are:

    • The new person(s) must attend and pay an adult's full-week rate and payment received prior to check-in.
    • Only one person may claim the same individual.
    • They must be a person who has not attended the Earth House Gather in the last three (3) years.
    • They must know you are submitting their name (we will ask) and understand that ONLY YOU get the rebate. (What you do with it is your business).
List the names for the cash-back offer:
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Celestial Fire by Beckah Earth House MN

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