Celestial Fire by Beckah 2017 Programming Schedule This is from 2017, because we are still working on the 2018 schedule. But we will again have a broad spectrum of speakers and activities. Yes, it is time to start getting excited about our Midsummer Gather and planning out your schedule! If you’re interested in presenting (ritual or workshop), or if you need some time carved out for a personal ritual, please contact Spontaneous Happenings, Mother Nature, and Circumstances Beyond Our Control notwithstanding, this is where we will put what we’re planning. Our Youth Programming is rather unstructured and will be responsive to their requests. This means we don’t have specifics because, well, they’re youngsters! Additionally, they are welcome at workshops, rituals, and activities (with a few exceptions). If the kids themselves wish to present a workshop or a ritual, we will try diligently to make that happen. They have their own tent and crafting and activity supplies available, and we request that our, um, more mature kids (like the ones that can vote, and the ones that are already retired) consider spending some time doing “stuff” with them. (Please check on our Volunteer page.) Also, the campground has a playground area, and access to the Arcade (in Eagle Cave’s Office), and Miniature Golf Course. We have not “scheduled” a canoe trip, but if there’s enough interest and if the weather cooperates, that is also a possibility.
2017 Schedule Matrix Click to view larger image


Typically, our rituals are evening-scheduled, with the exception of Midsummer, and/or anything that is cave-involved. Also, any ritual which requires true darkness ends up at 9pm or later (after sunset). Here is where we will be posting brief descriptions of our offerings . But there are some rituals that are pretty standard, such as:

EHP Opening Ritual (Sunday evening) – EHP Staff and others A multi-traditional and varied path working to set the Wards, bless our endeavors, protect our community, and to renew and foster the spirit of our community. We intend to spark the flames of friendship. Come As You Are.

Midsummer (Midsummer’s Day at Noon, usually) –

EHP Closing Ritual (Sunday morning) – EHP Staff, and anyone who’s still here

It’s the completion of another year’s gather; the gathering in of our wards and a sharing of our thanks, concluding with a rousing rendition of Moon Dog’s Post-Gather Dirge.

Daily Fire Devotions – Daily, Mornings and Evenings –

Most Pagans honor or worship the elements in some way, and Fire is our guest for the week. We shall tend the Sacred Community Fire with daily morning blessings and sacrifices, and with evening devotions based on the ancient tradition of ˜smooring’ the fire where it is tended to maintain its essential spark until renewed the following morning. Participation is voluntary and those who have horns may assist in the calls. Other participants can assist in the priestess/priestly duties or just gather for a daily spiritual practice. Each ritual estimated to be about 10-15 minutes  maximum in length. Private/Personal Ritual Time:

If you have a need to schedule a personal ritual/working (a rite of passage, or a personal celebration or observance), please contact our Programming Coordinator at for your scheduling and site options. We can typically arrange for a more secluded location if needed.  


PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide any form of Day Care. We have in the past, provided a space specifically for children’s activities, that is set up and also where some staff have in the past volunteered time to watch over this area. This year we will still have this area available, but it WILL NOT BE staffed unless there is a specific activity being done there (See Below). The area will be open to all children in attendance, but it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to supervise their children while in that area. Additionally, they are also responsible for clean up after they have been there and to return any items to their original location so others may find them. Programming usually starts about mid-day all week, we’ll have kid-friendly activities located in the Kids’ Pavilion. Kids of all ages are welcome, and we encourage the community to engage with the future of our communities. Last year, among our community-based scheduled offerings were: Drumming, Cross-Stitch and Story Time. Much of the other offerings were spur-of-the-moment.


Yes, it’s still early. But we’ll put new information up as it becomes available.

In general, and as last year’s schedule suggests, we typically have one workshop scheduled after the morning meeting and two in the afternoon. Occasionally there are evening workshops – typically when it requires reduced lighting or if the weather has adjusted our intended schedule.

Arranged Events

** Additional Cost Required. Cost-per-person typically drops as the attendance rises.

Potential Canoe Trip

depending on interest — Additional $$ required

Potential Cave Tour

depending on Interest — Additional $$ required;

We hope to see you all there!

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