Author Chris Aldridge to attend this year’s Midsummer Gather (One Day Only)

Author Chris Aldridge will be joining us this year’s Midsummer Gather on Saturday the 24th

Chris Aldridge

Chris Aldridge is an American Hellenist, published writer, priest, hymn, prayer and ritual composer, historian, mythologist, theologian, philosopher and an environmentalist. He was born on November 4th, 1984 in Asheboro, North Carolina, living in nearby Thomasville before moving to Illinois in his late 20s. He attended Davidson County Community College in Lexington, NC and Columbia College of Missouri from 2007-2015. He was raised a Christian but converted to Hellenic Polytheism in 2009. Chris has been writing ever since elementary school, and now devotes his literary endeavors, in large part, to the service of his religious community. He publishes many of his own works, and in the past, has been featured in popular Pagan publications such as Circle Magazine and Neos Alexandria/Bibliotheca Alexandrina Incorporated. He is also the founder and Head Priest of his own Hellenic religious organization called Temple Of The Greek Gods, and has been its leader and a student of ancient Greek religion and culture since 2010.