Earth House at Enchanted Boutique Expo on Aug 27, 2017

Come join Earth House at Enchanted Expo

A Magical Expo for all of those in Paganistan!

When: Sunday August 27th, 7am-8pm


4940 Hwy 61
Best Western Plus
White Bear Lake

Come out for a day of magic and enchantment. And, while you are there, chat with the folks from Earth House to find out more about who we are and what we are all about!

  • Over 25 vendors, readers, and healers.
  • Services ranging from tarot readings to reiki healings.
  • FREE lectures
  • Special celebrity guest of honor.
  • One low price!

Visit EnchangtedExpo.Net for more details!

Earthhouse needs you!


The Earthhouse Board needs to fill the C.S.O. position

Earthhouse needs your help. Due to a recent resignation, we are without a C.S.O. (Community Service Officer). If you would like the chance to give back to Earthhouse and to help build community, this is an excellent opportunity for you to become more involved in the Earthhouse organization. As C.S.O. you will have many opportunities for community outreach and networking with various Pagan groups throughout the Twin-Cities, Minnesota and even beyond.

If you are interested in filling the vacancy of our 5th elected officer, please email and tell us about your interest.

Come join us and help Earthhouse grow!