Earth House Midsummer Gather
June 14-21, 2020
"Clear Visions 2020"

We are all facing some very uncertain times right now. As a community organization, we would like to assure you that the Midsummer Gather will go on as planned with no hiccups and it will be a fantastic year of community and coffee, of workshops and rituals, and of bards and bonfires...

And Mother Earth willing, that is exactly what will happen.

Yet we are cautiously going to wait until mid-May before we make commitments we may not be able to fulfill. Our camp hosts have assured us that, barring a direct order to close, the campground will be available for our Gather.

You can REGISTER for the Gather at any time, but we are not collecting payment at this time (details on the Registration Form). We would however, like to hear from ALL of you about whether or not you are planning on coming. We ask that you take this VERY short survey to help us plan this year's Gather.

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