Guests of Honor 
Keridwyn Horsewitch

National Guest of Honor

     Keridwyn Horsewitch is an animalist, trance worker, world traveler, and ritualist. Her immediate roots are in Welsh Family Tradition and Celtic Wicca on her father’s side and Unitarian Universalism and Lebanese Folk Magic on her mother’s. She is a Wiccan Priestess (Unicorn Tradition), and a practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft, Hoodoo and Rootwork, Medicinal and Magical Herbalism, Welsh Family Tradition, and Lebanese Folk Tradition. Keridwyn has been the artisan and owner of Devonshire Incense and Soap since 2004.
     The eldest daughter of Dail and James “Hersh” Hershberger, Keridwyn grew up in a magical household. As a child, she was encouraged to explore a wide variety of global belief systems, philosophies, and working practices, with emphasis on the underlying cultural roots of each. From a young age, Keridwyn trained in many forms of energy work and divination, daily ritual practice, grounding and centering, and astral travel. For the past 21 years, it has been her immense honor to teach Herbalism, Incense Making, Animalism, Group Energy Work, Trance Channeling, and Foundational Witchcraft to practitioners all over the United States.
     Originally from Austin, Texas, Keridwyn has a small farm in the Driftless area of Wisconsin, where she tends to bees, sheep, horses, and wildlife. Future projects include: Witchcraft Retreats in Europe and the United States, a Horsewitch Blog and Podcast, and a Thirteen Month Class on The Principals of Foundational Witchcraft.

Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon
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Entertainment Guests of Honor

     Hailing from Southwestern Indiana, these two eclectic singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, pioneers of their own proclaimed “sparkle folk rock”, bring a colorful moving blend of earth-friendly original music intent on harmonizing consciousness one note, in 432hz, at a time. With a rich background in steady touring throughout the North American continent in the last several years, many have come to enjoy both Mariah’s and the Covert Dragon’s friendly, fun and easy-going presence. As a rainbow of infinitely musical bliss, they playfully work from their five current album releases for the listening enjoyment and enrichment of their audiences. Refreshing as a crisp mountain stream, each performance is entirely novel unto itself and a one of a kind experience.

     For more up to date information and fun stuff, visit their official and follow them on Facebook @sparklefolkers and Instagram @mds_covert_dragon

Paula "MamaCat" Morhardt

Regional Guest of Honor


    Mother and Grandmother, Widow, Respected Elder, and Author, Paula "MamaCat" Morhardt, finds light in the darkness, peace in nature, and love all around her. She knows that her life's purpose as a daughter of the Goddess is to help others - all others. 
     A lifelong resident of Stockton, IL, and co- owner of Four Winds Sanctuary, also in Stockton, she has been locally active in community ministry and nature conservancy. While she finds her soul soothed by the peace and solitude of the sanctuary, she is also an experienced camper and dedicated organizer, and treasures her time with those who share her love of Mother Nature. While cherishing her solitude, she was never shy about sharing her thoughts with others, usually through the written word.
     In November of 2017, her beloved husband LaVerne, co-owner of the Sanctuary, died and her mother Mary passed away the next day.  Her world had crashed, and in her struggle to re-build her life, she found the way -- for her -- through her writing. Now her ministry reaches a much broader audience in her book, "Widow’s Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After." (Available on
     She is owned by her children and their children, the wildlife around her, and, of course, her cats.

Michelle Marie
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Artist Guest of Honor

Michelle Marie is a mother and a health-care professional, a loving and talented person. 
One night, she had a vision.
She transferred the vision to paper.
This is what she saw: Our theme logo for 2020!

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