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Earth House Midsummer Gather
June 14-21, 2020
"Clear Visions 2020"

At the moment, the simplest and best  way to register is to:

1. Add the desired items below to your cart

     (only add one Adult registration per Registration form please)

     Note: the FREE registration for children age 0-10 charges  $0.01 in the cart, we will give it back

               to you at the Gather.


2. Go to Gather Registration and fill out and SUBMIT the form, which will take you to checkout for your cart.

      Note: for the Payment plan, choose the Check option at checkout,

                 just make sure you Mail the final payment before June 9, 2018

                Earth House Gather | PO Box 226 | Shafer, MN 55047

3. Repeat as needed for each Adult Registration

Service Animal Forms -Forms are for Emotional Support / Psychiatric Service Animals.

Please see Animal Policies for definitions.