Celestial Fire by Beckah

2017 Programming Schedule

It is official, our schedule is in! With tons to offer this year at Earthhouse Gather, we are pleased to announce a stunning array of speakers and activities. Yes, it is time to start getting excited about our Midsummer Gather and planning your schedule out!

If you’re interested in presenting (ritual or workshop), or if you need some time carved out for a personal ritual, please contact

Spontaneous Happenings, Mother Nature, and Circumstances Beyond Our Control notwithstanding, this is where we will put what we’re planning.

Our Youth Programming is rather unstructured and will be responsive to their requests. This means we don’t currently have specifics because, well, they’re kids! Additionally, they are welcome at workshops, rituals, and activities (with a few exceptions). If the kids themselves wish to present a workshop or a ritual, we will try diligently to make that happen. They have their own tent and crafting and activity supplies available, and we request that our, um, more mature kids (like the ones that can vote, and the ones that are already retired) consider spending some time doing “stuff” with them. (Please check on our Volunteer page.) Also, the campground has a playground area, and access to the Arcade (in the Office), and Miniature Golf Course. We have not "scheduled" a canoe trip, but if there’s enough interest and if the weather cooperates, that is also a possibility.

2017 Schedule Matrix
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These rituals are open to all participants (See below if any pre-requisites are required), and unless otherwise announced, will be held in the Community Ritual Circle.

EHP Opening Ritual

(Sunday 7pm) –

EHP Staff, et al

A multi-traditional and varied path working to set the Wards, bless our endeavors, protect our community, and to renew and foster the spirit of our community. We intend to spark the flames of friendship. Come As You Are.

Egyptian Ritual

(Monday 6:30pm) –


After-hours Ritual: Sky Clad

(Monday TBD After 10pm) –

Ali and John

Must attend the preparation workshop at 11am Monday, prior to participating. Certain chants and simple dances will be taught at that workshop necessary for participation. This is a traditional Wiccan ritual performed Skyclad with the purpose of honoring the Goddess and requesting Her blessings. It will be scheduled after 10pm on Tuesday Night (the Night of the Full Moon)

Chocolate Ritual

(Tuesday 6:30pm) –


Chocolate Ritual! Join our own Swiss Miss, Goodie Goddess and Chocolate God in an adaptation of John Shepherd’s 1991 Dragonfest presentation, this after-dinner ritual places chocolate-coated tongue firmly in-cheek. Chocolate-to-share is always welcome, and since chocolate is also a business, a token (a small piece of chocolate or a piece of metal with the image of a dead president on it) must be exchanged to participate in the “cakes and ale” — uh, make that “cookies and milk.” Please bring a chair or other means to be comfortable, and leave room in your carbohydrate quota to partake of Chocolate’s Awesomeness! (Special Dispensations can be arranged if you can dream up a plausible-sounding medical exemption.)


(Wednesday Noon) –

Ivo Doninguez Jr.

Crown of Flames, Cloak of Mystery

The longest day, the peak of the Sun, is the crowning moment of the Light. Hidden within the Summer Solstice is the mystery of the Dark, just as the Winter Solstice contains the promise of the Light. In this ritual you will have an opportunity to don the crown of your Divine spark and to wrap yourself in the mystery of your soul. If that is not your choice, you’ll also have an opportunity to turn the wheel that brings the harvest to come.


(Thursday 6:30pm) –


On the first day of waning light, we invite you to descend into Helheim where travelers will have the opportunity to meet Hel and embrace the mystery of transformation.

Hel may be interpreted as the depths of the collective unconscious. Like Odin, we seek Her darknes in search of wisdom. It is a state of being in which the seer has easy acces to visionary knowledge, but should be sought only by the resolute, and with trained guidance, not because She is frightening but because Her peace is so seductive.

Wakan-Takan Ritual

(Thursday 9:30pm) –


Means “The Great Spirit” more common my known as “The Great Mystery”. You will journey around the medicine wheel and explore the Red Path. You will gain Wisdom from The Great Father, and blessings from The Great Mother. Experience what YOUR Great Mystery is!

Willow Cascade Ritual

(Friday 6:30pm) –


The Willow Cascade is an energy building Ritual. Through some modifications, Jaimie has enhanced it. Come experience the waves of energy as the quarter summoners call more and more energy into the Ritual and it builds and builds.

Promethean Ritual

(Saturday 6:30pm) –


A Ritual about Prometheus.

New Moon Ritual

(Saturday 10:00pm) –

Axel Wolf

We’ll be using the power of the new moon to cast a wish. We will write our wishes on a bay leaf and putting it in the ritual fire to send to the universe

EHP Closing Ritual

(Sunday 10:30am) –

EHP Staff, et al

It’s the completion of another year’s gather; the gathering in of our wards and a sharing of our thanks, concluding with a rousing rendition of Moon Dog’s Post-Gather Dirge.

Daily Fire Devotion

(Daily TBD) –

John S.

Morning – Devotions and Sacrifices:

A ritual strongly influenced by a devotional ritual created by Stephen Posch, to honor the Fire that is the center of our ritual life. At the opening ritual the Sacred Fire is kindled in the Spirit of Community.

Evening – Smooring of the Fire:

A continuation of the Morning Ritual adding the Rite of ˜Smooring’ where the fire is ritually prepared for lasting overnight. It needs to occur after any evening ritual and thus its time may vary.

Most pagans honor or worship the elements in some way and Fire is our guest for the week. We shall tend the Sacred Community Fire with daily morning blessings and sacrifices, and with evening devotions based on the ancient tradition of ˜smooring’ the fire where it is tended to maintain its essential spark until renewed the following morning. Participation is voluntary and those who have horns may assist in the calls. Other participants can assist in the priestess/priestly duties or just gather for a daily spiritual practice.

***Each ritual estimated to be about 10-15 minutes maximum in length.


We have in the past, provided a space specifically for children’s activities, that is set up and also where some staff have in the past volunteered time to watch over this area. This year we will still have this area available, but it WILL NOT BE staffed unless there is a specific activity being done there (See Below). The area will be open to all children in attendance, but it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to supervise their children while in that area. Additionally, they are also responsible for clean up after they have been there and to return any items to their original location so others may find them.

Will not be providing any form of Day Care.

Programming usually starts about mid-day all week, we’ll have kid-friendly activities located in the white Kids’ Pavilion (south side of camp, ˜lower level’). Kids of all ages are welcome, and we encourage the community to engage with the future of our communities.

Kids Drumming

(Monday 12:30pm and Friday 12:30pm) –


Kids Cross Stitch Class

(Tuesday 12:30pm) –


Mal will be doing kids cross stitch class for kids of all ages and skill levels. This year we will sew ornaments that can be taken home when done. All supplies and needed items will be provided. Come join us and create something beautiful. Classes will be held Tuesday at 12:30pm. if anyone needs to finish their project or needs help.

Kids Story Time

(Saturday 12:30pm) –



Skyclad Ritual Workshop

(Monday 11:00am) –


We will discuss the history and benefits of doing a Skyclad ritual, as well as answer any questions or concerns that one may have. If you haven’t done a Skyclad ritual before, this workshop will help you to learn more about why it is practiced and how you can benefit from it. Recommended that if you haven’t participated in a Skyclad ritual before that you attend the workshop. We also will cover songs and dances that will be used in the ritual.

Practical Energy Applicaion 101

(Monday 1:00pm) –


This workshop will be to help participants focus their senses on the energies they feel in order to read personal objects of the other participants. By practicing feeling out and sensing energy we can become more in tune with how our bodies and souls perceive energetic nuances. Please bring a small personal item that carries a lot of energy for you. It will be returned by the end of the session.

The Many Flames

(Monday 3:00pm) –

Ivo Dominguez Jr.

In this workshop we will explore the many ways that Fire manifests as a spiritual force and in our rituals and devotional work. Fire can be the Fire of selfhood, of the Soul and Spirit. Fire is at the core of the force of life. Fire also expresses itself in a continuum of forms from Elementals to Divine Beings. Fire will also be examined through the framework provided by the modalities of cardinal, fixed, and mutable as well as in the pattern of the sub-elements. There will also be a summarization of some of the symbols and tools related to Fire.


(Tuesday 10:30am) –


Minimalism and paganism how it fits together. Come to the workshop and find out with the rest of us.


(Tuesday 1:00pm) –


Def; “a heathy state of mind, characterized by self control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self, resulting in true happiness.” No matter our path or journey we all strive to be the best version of ourselves. This workshop will provide basic tricks and tools I’ve learned in my mundane life that aided in my evolution, how it relates to our evolution, and help us connect to our higher selves.

Ethics for the Seasoned Practitioner – EmrysAnu and EmrysAnu’s Ethics Playground

(Tuesday 3:00pm) –


“An it harm none, do what ye will”
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”
“My law is love unto all beings”
“The Three Fold Law”

In this workshop participants will be invited to explore and discuss deeper meanings within these statements found throughout many different paths of Neo-Paganism. Drawing on history, anthropology, psychology, and current ethical guidelines we’ll have a lively and brain tickling conversation.

Orion, Sirius, and Company

(Wednesday 10:30am) –


Practical Energy Applicaion 102

(Wednesday 1:30pm) –


This workshop is going to be a series of exercises moving energy “balls” from one person to another done in pairs. The idea is to practice using the sensory perceptions we focused on in the first session to be better aware of our energy when we’re projecting it. No items needed.

The Witches Journey, The Journey Within

(Wednesday 3:00pm) –



(Thursday 10:30am) –


Untold History: Reclaiming Pagan Pride

(Thursday 10:30am) –



(Thursday 3:00pm) –


Eric will be presenting his views on what Divination is, whom we connect with, and techniques used to enhance our connection with Deity in order to access esoteric knowledge.

Hidden History: Intorduction to the Mythicist Position

(Friday 10:30am) –


Practical Energy Applicaion 103

(Friday 1:00pm) –


In this workshop we’ll be using paperclips, staples, and possibly other small metal tools along with the experiences from the previous workshops to charge the metal objects with our own energy and create tiny electromagnets with them.

Introduction to Skrying

(Friday 3:00pm) –

Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Come learn about how to gain information by skrying into flame, water, crystal balls, or mirrors. Skrying is the general term for the use of a tool as a projection screen for the inner sight. Ivo will also be sharing tips for opening the inner sight specifically tuned for the use of such tools. The class will offer instructions for the creation, care, and protection of tools for skrying. After the sharing of theory and techniques we will also have a practical demonstration.

Deepening of Significant Life Events

(Saturday 10:30am) –



(Saturday 1:00pm) –


A speech about Prometheus centered around the theme of the festival, Celestial Fire.

Divine Embodiment: Assumption, Drawing Down, Aspecting, Possession

(Saturday 3:00pm) –

Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Most magickal traditions use some form of divine embodiment in their rituals in which a priestess or a priest becomes for a time the vehicle for the presence of one of the Great Ones. When it works, it is awe-inspiring, and can act as a great catalyst for change. When it fails, and is no more than role playing or ritual theater, it can encourage cynicism, disillusionment, and diminished expectations of what is possible in ritual. The strengths and the weaknesses of assumption of god forms, drawing down, aspecting, and divine possession will be compared and contrasted to each other

Arranged Events

** Additional Cost Required

‘Potential’ Canoe Trip — Wednesday 1pm – 5pm

depending on interest — Additional $$ required

‘Potential’ Cave Tour — Friday 3-5pm

depending on Interest — Additional $$ required

We hope to see you all there!

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