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Midsummer Virtual Schedule 2020: Clear Visions

Really, Rick's Café is open 24/7 whether or not anyone's logged in.
Feel free to stop by:

Link : Meeting ID: 821 5132 2776

Saturday, June 20th (The SOLSTICE)

7  AM - It's Coffee..

               Host: Rick

11 AM - Workshop

                 Earth House - Where we are &
                    where we are going

                 Host: Chris K.

7 PM - Solstice Ritual

               Host: Keridwyn (More about Keridwyn)

               Link: Meeting ID: 879 4210 8257

Previous Offerings

Friday, June 19th

7  AM - It's Coffee..

               Host: Rick

11 AM - Workshop:

                 Dreaming the Sacred Land

                 Host: Keridwyn

                 RECORDED Link coming soon.

7  PM - Bardic Circle

               Host: Chris K.

               Link: Meeting ID: 834 7397 0285

Thursday, June 18th

7  AM - It's Coffee..

               Host: Rick

11 AM - Workshop - Animalism 

                 Host: Keridwyn


Wednesday, June 17th

7 AM - It's Coffee..

              Host: Rick

Tuesday, June 16th

7 AM - It's Coffee..

              Host: Rick

Monday, June 15th

7 AM - It's Coffee..

              Host: Rick

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