We are not a Church

By: Keith Vorderbruggen

Some time ago, it was brought to the attention of the Executive Board of the Earth House Project of Minnesota that some people believe we are a church. We would like to inform the pagan community that we are not a church. With this article, it is our hope that we can explain to you what the Earth House Project truly is and dispel some of the rumors before they fester into fact.

The Earth House Project of Minnesota is a federally recognized, "Public Charity" (new "IRS Speak" for 501(c)(3) organization). The Earth House Project of Minnesota is a volunteer community attempt to build a resource center in the Twin Cities area for people of all nature-reverent spiritual paths. But we are not a church, nor are we affiliated with any church.

Our organization has no ministers or any other such titles. Neither is it under control of any one individual. The Earth House Project of Minnesota is run by an Executive Board. This board consists of five volunteer members who receive no compensation for their service. This board is annually elected by the members of the Earth House Project of Minnesota. Members who can not attend, may vote by proxy.

The Earth House Project of Minnesota hosts its own events. Our largest is the Midsummer Gather. For several years, we hosted a Feast of the Dead around Hallows. In addition, the Earth House Project of Minnesota’s members also act as greeters and coordinators at Coffee Cauldron.

The Earth House Project of Minnesota also supports many pagan organizations through our members’ volunteerism. Our members have helped with Pagan Pride, Paganicon, Wic*Con, Gathering of Clans, the Besom Brigade, UMPA, Heart of the Beast’s May Day Festival, Seekers classes, and others.

We continue to evolve and grow, just as any organism does. We’ve continually been blessed with marvelous music makers, thoughtful teachers, remarkable ritualists, and brilliant brewers!

Generally speaking, pagans tend to be a curious folk, questioning authority and forging our own paths. The only way to dispel rumor is to think for oneself, to investigate for oneself, and set aside our pre-conceived ideas. That’s what most pagans are really good at, yet we fall into the trap of the rumor-mills and gossip. Let us work together to stop rumors and find truth.

The Earth House Project of Minnesota exists for you.

Only with your help can we bring this dream to life!