Wendy Rule – Musical Guest of Honor for Earth House Gather 2018

Wendy Guitar

Wendy Rule

Yes, that is right, get excited, Wendy will be coming to serenade our festival in 2018!!!

About Wendy

Blurring the line between music, theater and ritual, Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule weaves her dark ambient mystical folk songs along magical paths of storytelling and mythology to create a uniquely beautiful, powerful and transformative live experience.

Wild, wise and empowering, Wendy’s music honors her deep spiritual and magical connection to Nature. Her extraordinary voice and insightful lyrics, combined with her passionate and personal storytelling, invite us to celebrate and connect with our own deep Magic.

Over the past two decades, Wendy has released 10 studio albums and numerous side projects, and has toured the world extensively as both a performer and an inspirational Magical Life Coach and workshop presenter. Alongside her busy touring schedule, Wendy also facilitates the online mystery school “Living a Life of Magic”.

Originally from Melbourne Australia, Wendy relocated to the USA in 2014, and is now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico – allowing her an even stronger connection to her ever growing US fan base, and providing daily access to the wild Nature that inspires her unique and transformational work.


2017Vox Solfeggio (with Timothy Van Diest)
2014Black Snake
2010Guided By Venus
2008Beneath the Below is a River (with Craig Patterson)
2007Meditations on the 4 Elements
2006The Wolf Sky
2003The Lotus Eaters
2000World Between Worlds


2012Live at the Castle on the Hill (Full length acoustic live album)
2004A Night of Jazz (Live recording with Roger Perrin and friends)
2004Deep Within a Faerie Forest (Collaboration with Gary Stadler, USA)
2000An Underworld Journey (VHS release of original theatre production)
1997Live (Full length live album)
1996Continental Isolation (three track EP)
1999Artemis (four track EP)

PO Box 402 Clifton Hill
Vic 3068 Australia